River Rouge mother killed in possible firebombing at her home

Police investigating deadly house fire

RIVER ROUGE, Mich. – River Rouge police are investigating a Friday fire that killed a mother of two at 466 Polk Avenue in River Rouge.

"It’s sad. That’s real close, man,” Darnell Sapp said.

It was too close for comfort for Sapp, who lives just two doors from where the home caught fire.

“My neighbor stayed on this side, and she ran over to my door banging. We came out and it was in flames,” Sapp said.

Detective Dasumo Mitchell, with the River Rouge Police Department, said Candice Harrington, a mother of two, died inside the home.

"Upon extinguishing the fire, they did locate a female inside one of the upper bedrooms. She was unresponsive,” Mitchell said.

Three other people were inside the home, Mitchell said, but they made it out alive.

Members of Harrington's family told Local 4 they believe the fire was started from a fire bomb, but police wouldn't confirm that.

“Yeah, we looked into that. Right now, all points showing no evidence of a fire bomb, but like I said, that fire is being investigated by the River Rouge Fire Department,” Mitchell said.

Police interviewed two out of the three people that were inside the home that night; they’re still waiting to interview the third person.

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