Mayor Mike Duggan's Detroit budget plan to transform the city


DETROIT – Mayor Mike Duggan made a move with a new budget plan he hopes will put Detroit's bankruptcy completely behind them.

It's been five years since the city filed for bankruptcy. While improvements have been made, there's still oversight over the city spending. Duggan believes the new budget could put an end to that oversight.

Duggan presented a budget to the Detroit City Council that is just over $2 billion. This budget allows the city to stay out of the red and remain in the positive for the third consecutive year.

A review committee currently approves Detroit's spending, as a stipulation with the city's bankruptcy. Duggan believes that if this budget is approved, it could eliminate state review. 

The proposed budget adds $10 million to the Detroit Public Works to manage road funding and $8 million to the Detroit Police Department to hire approximately 141 new full-time positions. Additionally, the budget will add $100 million to blight remediation and capital projects.

"We're proposing to double the rate of commercial demolition. This is the program that's running best in Detroit," Duggan said. "It's remarkable how they're doing."

The $100 million for blight is double the amount allocated from the last fiscal year and Duggan believes it's a necessity that guarantees every neighborhood gets transformed.

"We believe by 2019, we can get rid of every unsalvagable vacant commercial building on a main street in the city of Detroit," Duggan said.