Mother of 6 carjacked on Detroit's east side

Surveillance footage of the incident is available below

DETROIT – A woman was just out for a cup of coffee when she was attacked at gunpoint. 

"I just didn’t want him to kill me. My kids were back here sleeping," Ashley Petty said.

Petty said that her children was all she could think about early Thursday as she was looking down the barrel of a gun.

"Helpless, powerless, like, just in front of a gun," Petty said.

The incident happened outside a Marathon gas station on Detroit’s east side, Petty said. She was there to get a cup of coffee before starting her nursing shift at a local nursing home. 

As she walked out of the store a man approached her with a gun. He threatened to shoot her and take her car. 

"I don’t know if I was just in shock or what, but I couldn’t move," Petty said. "I was just holding my keys like, take it. Don’t shoot me."


The suspect drove away in Petty's car. Surveillance footage of the incident is available below.

"I’m sad that it happened. I’m mad that it happened," Petty said. "What gives somebody the right to take something that I worked for?"

She is beginning the process of getting a new car and her sense of security back.

"I would ask them, how would he feel if somebody did this to his mother, or his sister, or his niece?" Petty wondered.

If anyone has any information pertaining to this crime, they are asked to call the Detroit Police Department. 

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