Michigan mother back in court Tuesday for vaccination case

Evidentiary hearing scheduled in vaccination case

Rebecca Bredow (WDIV)

PONTIAC, Mich. – A nationally known court case continued Tuesday as a mother fights for her right to decide if her son should be vaccinated or not. 

Rebecca Bredow, of Ferndale, made national headlines after being sent to jail for violating an agreement to have her son vaccinated. However, Bredow said she never agreed to vaccinate her son and her previous lawyer never explained the agreement.

Bredow's new lawyer, Clarence Dass, said Michigan laws allow people to opt out of vaccinating their children.

"All you have to do is attend a class at the health department once every year to do so, and Rebecca has done that," Dass said.

Bredow's son was given two vaccinations while she was in jail. She had lost primary custody of him while she was behind bars for six days.

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Now the case is back in front of a judge reviewing evidence while Bredow sites her religious beliefs as the reason she didn't want her son vaccinated. 

But with custody now split between Bredow and the boy's father, James Horne, things get tricky as to who makes these types of medical decisions for the child in the future. 

Court began Tuesday with arguments about cameras in courtroom and the privacy of those involved. Judge Karen McDonald set the record straight.

Horne took the stand Tuesday morning and was questioned about child support he paid to Bredow. He told the court that at times, while he was unemployed, some child support wasn't paid to his former wife.

Bredow's attorney questioned Horne at length about custody motions and when he first requested that his son be vaccinated.

Testimony turned to medical records and how often Horne took their son to the hospital.