Frenchtown Township residents fight to save trees that Sunoco says are endangering pipeline

Pipeline installed in 1929

FRENCHTOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Two Frenchtown Township families are fighting for trees on their property that oil company Sunoco says are endangering a pipeline.

The residents are questioning why the trees, many of which were planted before the pipeline was installed in 1929, are now a problem.

"They claim the root system of these trees is infringing upon their pipeline," Jerry Jenssens said.

An old tree on his property is marked for destruction. Around the block from him, 11 of Theresa Andrews' trees are marked with a red X.

"This is our dream, we invested everything in this. And to have someone come in and say, 'You can pay the taxes and maintain it, but you have no rights on your own property, that you're paying for,'" she said.

Sunoco said the the removal of the trees is necessary for safety reasons.

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