Stolen van used in smash-and-grab on Detroit's west side

Police say thieves may be involved in string of robberies

DETROIT – There are brand-new details about a smash-and-grab robbery overnight on Detroit’s west side.

Police said the van used to slam through the wall of a Detroit store was stolen in a robbery last week, in which dozens of police uniforms were stolen.

The owner of Mark’s Liquor Store saw broken concrete and a large hole in the wall when he arrived at work early Tuesday morning.

“I’m sick and tired of this (explitive) the store owners go through," Steve, the store owner, said. "It’s unfair to us."

Steve said he’s fed up. This isn't the first time someone tried to break into the store.

"I had about 20 to 30 break-ins," he said. "Every year somebody breaks in. They took a bunch of liquor, lottery tickets, the register. They took all kinds of stuff."

On Tuesday, Detroit police held a news conference during which they said the thieves used a van to drive into the store and break-in. The van might be connected to other break-ins in the area, including one in which police uniforms were stolen.

“The smash-and-grab that occurred this morning, they actually utilized a van from Perfect Cleaners to commit that,” Assistant Detroit Police Chief Arnold Williams said.

Steve said Tuesday’s robbery was caught on security cameras, and he’s hoping police will arrest the people behind the string of break-ins.

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