New 'free range parenting' bill in Utah gaining attention

(iStock / mashabuba)

A new "free range parenting" bill in Utah is gaining national attention as it makes the state the first to legalize such a bill. 

The bill signed last week by Governor Gary Herbert gives parents the opportunity to let their kids take part in unsupervised activities without being penalized for child neglect. 

Those activities include walking to school, playing outside and staying home alone. 

Some say this new method is designed to let kids be kids, just with less supervision. 

The phrase "free range parenting" was developed in 2008 by Lenore Skenazy the president of Let Grow and the founder of Free-Range Kids

Gov. Hebert says, "Parents know their kids better than anyone else. This law gives them the ability to teach them responsibility however they see fit."

The new law officially takes effect in May.