What can parents do at home to help children in the classroom?

Teachers offer advice to parents in book

DETROIT – As a parent, it can be difficult to know what to do at home to help a child succeed in the classroom.

The building blocks of education are often set during the elementary school years at both home and at school.

Two fifth-grade teachers wanted to give parents advice and decided to put that information into a book called "School is About More Than ABC's."

"I do think educating yourself on what to expect is helpful because then you're not just making decisions on the fly, but instead you've kind of thought through, 'Well, this is important to our family,'" said Heather Agee, co-author of "School is About More Than ABC's."

Agee and Marie Miller's book sold out at its launch.

Their lessons in the book include putting off giving kids cellphones as long as possible. And when it's time for them to have a phone, show them all of its uses. 

"For instance, finding podcasts or different apps that you can use to further your kid's interests" Miller said.

Another lesson: learning the value of time itself. 

"When we overschedule and commit too much of our time -- to good things, but it's still not allowing time for them to be a kid -- I think that's one simple change," Agee said.

Agee and Miller agree one of the biggest contributors for a child's growth is quality time with parents and showing you care.

"It really will help build up your child and their social skills as they see you taking an interest in their school life." Miller said.

Researchers have found parental involvement, no matter their income or background, results in higher grades, better attendance and higher college attendance for their kids.

The book, "School is About More Than ABC's," is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

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