Donations help families of fallen or injured Detroit police officers

Detroit Police Department receives $5,000 donation

DETROIT – The Detroit Police Department received a $5,000 donation Thursday, not for equipment or squad cars, but for injured and fallen officers.

Three Detroit police officers were killed in the last six months. 

Lt. Lashanna Potts said the ramifications of a fellow officer injured or killed in the line of duty can last a long time. She also says law enforcement as a whole tends to fall short in the long term.

“The department does a really great job in the beginning, funerals and things, but as time goes on those widows tend to be forgotten,” Potts said.

The Detroit Police Department created the Fallen and Critically Injured Officers Committee to keep tabs on Detroit’s finest.

Officer Myron Jarrett was killed in a hit-and-run in October of 2016. His wife, Sasha Jarrett, was devastated.

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“One of the things we did for Sasha Jarrett was take her daughter to prom,” Potts said.

To support this group, 411 Therapy donated $5,000.

“The Detroit police are one of the toughest departments in the U.S.,” said Hassan Fayed, owner of 411 Therapy. “We want to do anything we can do to help them out and appreciate them.”

The donations help solve problems that are often difficult to approach.

“What about daddy daughter dances? What about their graduation from high school?” Chief James Craig said. “So those are the kind of things we want to continue to support.”

Click here for more information about donating to the Fallen and Critically Injured Officers Remembrance Fund.

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