Father of 5 fatally shot while running from gunman on Detroit's east side

Freddie Goss killed while fleeing gunman, police say

Freddie Goss (WDIV)
Freddie Goss (WDIV)

DETROIT – A family is calling for justice after a father of five was gunned down in Detroit.

Police said it's unclear if the shooting was sparked by a robbery, but Freddie Goss couldn't get away from the shooter.

"It's unbearable," said Kenyetta Williams, the victim's sister.

Someone killed Goss this weekend outside his home on Lampin Street on Detroit's east side.

"He was a good man," Williams said. "He didn't deserve to die like this. They chased him down like a dog."

Police are still trying to figure out why Goss was targeted. Witnesses said they saw him running down the block. At some point, he tripped, but he never got back up because the gunman shot at his head, witnesses said.

"My brother was running for my life," Williams said. "He was running for his life."

Now his family is gathering in hopes that someone can provide information to get his killer off the street.

"He had a lot of love in these streets," Williams said. "Everyone loved him because he was a good person. He just went to work and came home. He wasn't out in the streets doing wrong."

You can watch Jermont Terry's full story in the video posted above.

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