Activist groups march on Lansing after Gov. Rick Snyder ends free bottled water in Flint

Groups had list of demands for governor

LANSING, Mich. – More than a dozen Flint activist groups took to Lansing on Wednesday with a list of demands for Gov. Rick Snyder.

Led by state representative candidate Lashaya Darisaw, many who arrived on buses just before noon were clad in T-shirts and hats that alerted everyone about where they were from.

"We're not asking for a handout. We're asking for the government to fix what they broke. We're asking them to do their jobs and take care of us," Darisaw said.

The group rallied inside the State Capitol dome during the legislative session Wednesday to let lawmakers know that they don't want a free bottled water distribution program to end because they don't trust the governor's testing that shows Flint's water is now better than many Michigan cities.

"The governor needs to show more understanding of Flint residents' plight. He needs to do more," Rep. Sheldon Neeley said.

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