Michigan appeals court ordered to take second look at lawsuit over transgender at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness logo. (Twitter via CNN)

MIDLAND, Mich. – The Michigan appeals court has been ordered to take a second look at a lawsuit filed by a woman who said her rights were violated after she encountered a transgender person in the locker room at a Midland health club.

The state Supreme Court says the appeals court erred in declining to consider Yvette Cormier’s claims under the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.

Cormier’s membership at Planet Fitness was terminated in 2015 after she warned other women about a transgender woman at the club.

Planet Fitness told her that it allows people to use the locker room that matches their identity.

The appeals court last year found no evidence of sexual harassment. The court noted that Yvette Cormier and the transgender woman were both wearing clothes in the locker room.