64-year-old man without power carjacked in garage on his birthday

Anthony Luffboro says armed man carjacked him on 64th birthday

DETROIT – A man was carjacked on his birthday while his power was out in Detroit on Tuesday morning.

Anthony Luffboro turned 64 years old Tuesday and was coming home from picking up his wife from her job at around midnight when a gunman approached him.

"It was pitch black outside. I pulled into the garage, went to put the club on, locked the club, went to get out and before I went to turn, (a main pointed a gun at his head and said) give me the keys," Luffboro said.

Luffboro describes the terrifying moment.

"I thought it was over. Everything you miss or want to do flashes right in front of you because you say, 'Wow, I might not get to do it.' It's like a nightmare and you think you're gonna wake up and say 'whew,' but it stays with you for a while," he said.

He describes the suspect as a "young kid" and said the suspect drove his car out of his driveway.

"He was more concerned about getting away so I just gave him the keys," he said.

The suspect got away with his 2010 dark gray Chevy Impala. It was completely dark outside at the time of the carjacking because the power is out in the neighborhood.

"I learned from it. I know I won't ever go anywhere when the power is out anymore," Luffboro said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Detroit Police Department. 

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