Reward for information on owner who burned dog found in Dearborn increased to $4,000

Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit offers $4,000 reward in search for owner

Officials are searching for the owner who burned a dog found in Dearborn. (WDIV)
Officials are searching for the owner who burned a dog found in Dearborn. (WDIV)

DEARBORN, Mich. – The Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit is now offering a $4,000 reward for information that helps prosecute the person wanted for burning a dog rescued Friday by Dearborn police.

“Cruelty to animals makes us sick," said Elaine Greene, executive director of FAMD. "Our staff has named the dog Phoenix because we want to see her rise again."

Officials said a resident contacted them after finding Phoenix injured.

"She was horrified by the sight of the dog, immediately called the police department and brought the dog over to the shelter," Greene said.

The vet shaved parts of Phoenix to get a better look at the burns before treatment.

"We are doing hydrotherapy with her every day, she's on medications, she's on painkillers because she's pretty painful right now," Greene said.

Medical officials said Phoenix's injuries were caused by a liquid burn that was not accidental, but deliberate.

"The pattern looks intentional because there's an X on her back," Greene said. "There are some areas where the burns seem more severe than others."

Phoenix is well-trained and has a good weight, so Greene believes she's someone's pet. The question is: How did this happen to her?

"It's unfathomable and it makes me sick," Greene said.

The shelter is hoping the reward money will help them prosecute whoever is responsible for the pain Phoenix is enduring.

"Who are you and why, and judgment day is coming," Greene said.

Police brought Phoenix to FAMD for treatment.

"This dog is very sweet, and in spite of the horrific nature of the injuries, very trusting of people," Greene said. "It appears as if she may have been burned numerous times over a period of time. She was treated today and will recuperate at the shelter. Somebody had to have seen this horrible incident. Please contact the shelter at 313-943-2607 with any information so we can prosecute this person."

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