7-year-old boy shows up to school high on cocaine, Ohio police say; mother arrested

Grandmother was allegedly cooking crack cocaine at home


An Ohio mother was arrested after police said her seven-year-old son showed up to school high on cocaine April 16.

WDTN reports that the boy is expected to be okay. 

Police said the boy showed up to North Elementary in Urbana, where he seemed abnormally tired and unresponsive. School officials said he was falling asleep at his desk and not waking up. They immediately called paramedics who flew the boy to a hospital.

Police were initially unable to contact the boy's mother.

Doctors discovered cocaine in the boy's system, which they believed he inhaled at home prior to arriving at school, police said.

When the boy's mother eventually arrived at the hospital, police said she was "shaking, had slurred speech and could not stand still." Police said she agreed to take a urine test, which revealed cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl and opiates in her system.

Police said the mother admitted she believed the child was likely under the influence of drugs.

According to a police report, the boy's grandmother and her friends had been making crack cocaine in the kitchen at the home with the boy in the living room.

The boy's mother is in jail and has been charged with possession of cocaine, meth and fentanyl. Police said more charges are likely to follow.

The mother's identity was not released in order to protect the child's identity.

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