Off-duty Detroit police officer charged in assault in alleged Greektown gun-pulling incident

Willie Fortner charged with two counts of felonious assault

DETROIT – A Detroit police officer is facing assault, domestic violence and gun charges after an incident in Greektown.

Prosecutors said Officer Willie Fortner, 25, was off-duty when he got into a fight with his girlfriend at Nikki’s Nightlife. When the fight spilled outside, officials said Fortner pulled out a gun.

Willie Fortner (WDIV)
Willie Fortner (WDIV)

For the first time since his arrest, Fortner appeared in front of a judge, via video.

Detroit police Chief James Craig said Fortner was arrested Saturday morning outside Nikki’s for allegedly physically assaulting his 22-year old girlfriend.

Police said two men saw the assault and tried to protect the woman, and that’s when Fortner allegedly went to his trunk, grabbed his handgun and pointed the gun at the two men.

"No shots were fired," Craig said. "We have video that supports it."

Craig said this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

“One of these incidents is actually one too many, and we know that it certainly places a stain on the badge," Craig said. "We have zero tolerance for officers engaging in criminal misconduct. We take prompt action each and every time, not some of the time."

Fortner is now facing two counts of felony assault, one count of misdemeanor domestic violence and two felony firearms violations.

He’s due back in court April 30.

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