Residents frustrated by string of car thefts reported in neighborhood on Detroit's west side

Neighbors report string of car thefts over 72 hours

DETROIT – Residents of a neighborhood on Detroit's west side want police to take action after multiple car thefts.

Residents said the thefts happened in a span of 72 hours.

"Her car was parked in the front and they took it around and took it back this way," Sharonda Guider said. "We’re, like, 'How? Like, when?'"

Guider said she has been asking the questions since last week. She said tire marks are what’s left of her sister’s car.

Guider said everything happened on Thursday.

"She has a 1-year-old daughter," Guider said. "She doesn't have a way to get to work now. No transportation. It’s hard. She’s 21."

Her sister was driving a 2007 Black Pontiac G6. Police said they are investigating this incident, but Local 4 has learned there were more car thefts in the area just last week.

"(There have) been other cars in the area that (have) been taken," Guider said. "We had a neighbor down the street whose car was taken. Someone from a couple blocks over, their car has been taken."

Police said the neighbor’s car was recovered, but they are still looking for her sister’s car.

"So, basically, we are trying to reach out and let people know, be aware," Guider said. "Cars are coming up missing in this area, and someone's got to do something."

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