Dig it: Detroit sets goal to plant 1M daffodils by 2020


DETROIT – Detroit may soon warrant a new nickname: Daffodil City.

Officials say they have set a goal of planting 1 million daffodils by fall 2020. The effort already has blossomed, as 265,000 bulbs planted over the past few years have begun to bloom near parks and on medians.

This year, they aim to plant roughly 210,000 bulbs in parks and elsewhere across the city.

Many bulbs have been donated by Michigan Division of the Woman’s National Farm & Garden Association.

Brad Dick, who leads the city’s General Services Department, says it’s gratifying to work on programs that beautify the city, where much of the focus has been on fighting blight.

He adds the choice of daffodils is not only pretty but also pragmatic: Squirrels leave them alone.