Livonia woman concerned about frequently receiving wrong mail from post office

Post office says problem will be fixed

LIVONIA, Mich. – Most people receive stray letters once in awhile that belong to somebody else, but getting the wrong mail has become a much bigger problem for a woman in Livonia.

Kim Shollack said she contacted her Livonia post office branch to explain how often she's receiving other people's mail, and how much wrong mail she's receiving.

She wasn't thrilled with the answer she received from the post office, and she wonders that while she gets the wrong mail, who's getting hers?

A spokesperson for the post office said the problem is being investigated and will be fixed.

"The Postal Service apologizes for any inconvenience," a statement said. "This instance is not indicative of the level of service our employees provide as they work safely and diligently to process and deliver the mail."

You can watch Steve Garagiola's full story in the video posted above.

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