Students being forced to take breathalyzer before prom


Columbia, MISSOURI – Prom dresses, tuxedoes and.... breathalyzers?

These are all things students will see at prom this weekend for a Missorui high school.

For the first time ever, Students at Rock Bridge attending prom will have to take a breathalyzer test before they're allowed inside. 

A local attorney says the administrators threatened to cancel prom if students didn't agree to the tests.

"The board members have been led to believe that the students at Rock Bridge demanded these alcohol tests," says attorney Dan Viets. "But, according to what I've read, in fact, they were coerced into supporting this practice by a threat of canceling the prom."

Rock Bridge principal Jennifer Rukstad says these claims are false and the administration and student council were both in favor of the tests.

She made it clear that at no time was there ever a threat to cancel prom.

Attorny Viets also adds that the test may violate students' rights against unreasonable searches and seizures. 

"An alcohol test is a search. And unreasonable searches are prohibited by the fourth amendment. Now, we are not sure how a court would interpret the fourth amendment. in regard to to this practice, but it is clearly unreasonable."