Detroit woman says thief stole package off her porch 10 minutes after delivery

Video shows man swiping package minutes after FedEx delivery

DETROIT – A Detroit woman said it only took 10 minutes for a thief to swipe a package off her porch after it had been delivered.

“No longer than 10 minutes later, the other guy came and just took it off the porch, and then he put it in his car,” Angela Jones said.

Jones said the man stole her package and her sense of security Saturday morning in a matter of minutes.

Jones showed Local 4 video of a FedEx driver dropping off her package and leaving. Just 10 minutes later, the video shows a man walk up to Jones’ door, grab her package and take it to his car.

“It made me angry, mad, to, basically, order something and then for someone to come on your property and take your package,” Jones said.

Jones said she just moved back to Detroit because she wanted to buy her first home. She had a strong message for the package thief.

“Get a job," Jones said. "I work every day. I’m a hardworking mother. Get a job. Why are you out here stealing people's packages and just coming up on their property? You’re going to get caught."

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