VIDEO: Cat stuck in Metro Detroit tree evades rescue attempt, scampers down trunk, runs away

Cat stuck in tree in Walled Lake, Michigan. (WDIV/Chuck Jackson)

Sometimes a cat just wants to be left alone.

A cat caught in a tree for more than a day in Walled Lake successfully evaded an attempt to rescue it on Tuesday.

The cat's owners knew the cat was in the tree. Local 4's Chuck Jackson captured the cat in the tree on Sunday and then again on Monday:

One day later, while crews attempted to rescue the cat, it decided to make a run - or scamper for it. The cat is seen on video jumping down to a lower branch before scattering down the tree trunk, and jumping to the ground. It than ran away, as if it weren't stuck in a tree for days.

Smooth move, cat. Here's the video:

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