Michigan driver injured after turkey crashes through truck windshield

A photo of a Ford F-150 truck after a truck struck the windshield Tuesday. (Dutton Fire Department)
A photo of a Ford F-150 truck after a truck struck the windshield Tuesday. (Dutton Fire Department)

GAINES TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A Michigan driver was injured after a turkey smashed through the windshield of his Ford F-150 on Tuesday.

Here's the story from Dutton Fire Department in Gaines Township:

It’s been another pretty busy day for the firefighters at DFD. It’s definitely Spring and the call volume is starting to reflect the restlessness of the Winter weary public. Dutton Fire has rolled out of the station ten times since yesterday, and we just cleared another incident on M-6 at Hanna Lake that you’ll see below.

There are so many hazards involved with operating a motor vehicle that it’s impossible to name them all. The best practice is to simply remain aware and defensive at all times no matter where you are. As Michiganders, we know to look out for deer and expect ice and potholes, but many of us probably don’t think of Turkeys when considering what could go awry on a trip down the highway. This evening, fate arranged the meeting of a brand new F-150 and Michigan’s prolific Spring game bird. The bird did breech the windshield of the vehicle.

The crash caused traffic delays, and the driver suffered facial injuries that he will recover from and be fine.

It is Turkey season and the birds are moving. The Turkey is no joke; they will absolutely destroy a vehicle, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to encounter more than one. They don’t often sit in the road as you drive over them. They attempt to take flight, and you will find them right about face level as they do. Not a good day. Keep your heads on a swivel and drive safe everyone.

We’re far from the busiest department in Kent County, but we do manage to find a quality in our calls that far exceeds quantity. Dutton can be a strange place sometimes. Thanks for following us on our misadventures!

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