Mail carriers concerned after dog attack on Detroit's westside

DETROIT – Local mail carriers are addressing safety concerns after another mail carrier was attacked by a dog Thursday.

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That mail carrier was attacked in the 2400 block of Glynn Court near Chicago Boulveard and Linwood Street. 

"It made me cringe, because it’s a real thing," said Lawrence West. 

A real thing, mail carrier West said he tries to avoid.

"Sometimes on television, we see it as comical, dog chasing a mail person," West said. "It’s a real concern, it’s a real concern."

Police said a female mail carrier was attacked by a dog on Detroit’s westside. She’s now in the hospital in critical condition. It’s an all too familiar situation for West, who was also bitten by a dog while working,.

"This particular day when I passed by, the dog launched at me and actually bit my heel," West said. "Didn’t break my flesh but bit my heel."

West said mail carriers are provided a spray to protect themselves against violent dogs, but in the end he believes the dog’s owner should be held responsible. 

"Most dog owners are very responsible, very conscious, when we are on the block delivering the mail. But then there’s always dogs that happen to get loose," said West. 

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