PHOTOS: Wyandotte house crushed after heavy winds uproot massive tree

No one was home at time

WYANDOTTE, Mich. – A giant tree uprooted Friday by heavy winds in Metro Detroit crushed a Wyandotte house.

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Tracey Yarbrough lives in the house where the tree landed. 

"There's so much wood that when the wind blows, we've seen it do this so we always hoped it would not fall," she said.

Heavy winds forced a tree to topple onto a Wyandotte home on May 4, 2018. (Photo: Natasha Adams)

The tree finally came down as strong winds whipped through the area. No one was at Yarbrough's home at the time, but her neighbor, Sarah Burdick, saw the tree fall.

"I heard the crash on the house, and all I could do was stay in my car. It was absolutely frightening," Burdick said.

A firefighter called Yarbrough to alert her about what happened.

A police officer blocks off the area around a tree in Wyandotte that heavy winds knocked over on May 4, 2018. (Photo: Natasha Adams)

"He said, 'Your tree fell on your house.' I said, 'Come on, are you serious?'" she said.

While the tree slammed onto the home, her belongings inside seem to all be OK, and her car wasn't damaged.

"I'm very glad it did not fall on my neighbors' houses, because I'd have to feel  bad for them every day of my life," Yarbrough said.

A large tree crashed down May 4, 2018 after heavy winds blew through Wyandotte. (Photo: Natasha Adams)

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