Detroiters offered program to waive driver responsibility fees

Nearly 76,000 Detroiters have fees, can't get driver's license

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DETROIT – It was a welcome announcement Tuesday for Detroiters as a program was created to help them get driver responsibility fees waived and in many cases get them back to work.

"If you do 10 hours of work, you can get your driver's responsibility fees waived immediately and get your license now," explained Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. 

Chiquita Regains jumped at the opportunity.

“Over 20 years of tickets, just constantly driving when I don't have a license when I know I shouldn't be driving," she explained.

She’s just one of nearly 76,000 Detroiters who have these fees and can't get a driver's license. 

Getting those fees waived is as simple as completing a 10 hour workforce training program. Duggan's announcement kicked off an event where Detroit residents could do just that.

"This program is a life saver!" said Regains.

Tuesday's event really was a two in one. People with driver responsibility fees were able to attend and start their ten hour workforce training program and also find a new career.

"And I'm definitely always looking for another job or two so this is all in one! It's like one big party!" said Regains.

At the event, a number of employers offered free demand-driven job training to Detroiters.

In Detroit, driver responsibility fees average about $1,600 per person. 

"I'll be able to find a better job which is my main goal right now because everywhere that I'm applying for you gotta have a license. This is the last thing that's holding me up," she explained.

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