Neighbors upset by Michigan man's 'doomsday' yard signs: 'Heed the warning. Or perish'

Plymouth residents say signs are safety hazard

PLYMOUTH, Mich. – Neighbors on Joy Street in Downtown Plymouth said one house sticks out because of the messages on the many signs that adorn its front lawn.

The owner, a former Vietnam veteran, likes to talk to people and hand out packets as they pass.

"Nothing aggressive," neighbor Nick Danis said. "Just trying to get people to listen to whatever he's pushing."

Residents said the man used to have one big sign, but he had to take it down. He put up several smaller signs in its place. 

One neighbor across the street from the home didn't want to be identified.

"It's just not a very good look," she said. "Every morning, I wake up to the signs and 'Heed the warning of parish' is my greeting."

More than a year ago, she said she asked her neighbor to take his signs down, but he refused.

"But there are too many and they're too big," she said. "This is a neighborhood. This is why we mow our lawns and keep our homes up, and it went nowhere."

More than one neighbor said the man who lives at the home is a good person. He's very religious and is trying to save people, they said.

"I'm going to sit out and offer the gospel," he said. "You can either take it, or drive on by. That's what a free society is. When it comes to their Christmas decorations, I put up with all their stuff and I never say anything."

But neighbors said the signs are a safety hazard.

"I have seen people stop, take pictures, back up," a neighbor said. "They're looking at the signs."

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