VIDEO: Dashcam shows wild chase through Dearborn that ended at Beaumont Hospital

Police described this as a 'driving gun battle'

DEARBORN, Mich. – Dashcam video released Thursday shows a wild police chase Wednesday night that ended at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn. 

The Dearborn police vehicle’s dashcam captured the dramatic footage that shows shots fired out of a suspect’s vehicle as police were in pursuit. 

Police believe the deadly shooting Wednesday night outside the hosptial stemmed from a fight between two men over an ex-girlfriend. One of the men fatally shot himself outside the hospital in the parking lot. The other man was wounded and treated at the hospital. 

Police described this as a "driving gun battle." It all started as a fight in Melvindale. Police said it was the woman's old boyfriend against her new one. 

New dashcam footage shows police chasing the suspect into the hospital parking lot. Watch it above.

Footage shows Dearborn police officers chasing the suspect through neighborhood streets and eventually into the parking lot. At around the 1:25 minute mark of the video, police ram the suspects car as shots are heard.

"The old boyfriend had weapons, started firing at the new boyfriend," said Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad. "A chase ensued. Multiple shots fired."

The new boyfriend was injured and started driving toward Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn with the old boyfriend still in pursuit. They arrived at the hospital campus at about the same time. 

The new boyfriend ran inside the hospital to get help. The old boyfriend shot and killed himself in the parking lot. 

The gun battle never entered the hospital. Chief Haddad said that's because his people were in position. 

"The saving grace tonight is that we have a consolidated dispatch that allowed us to consolidate all this information between Melvindale, Allen Park and our city. And it probably -- not probably, it did, in fact allow us to respond at a much quicker speed and save a lot of lives tonight. 

Despite social media rumors, there never was an active shooter inside the hospital. 

The hospital lockdown was put in place as a precaution as Dearborn police swarmed the campus. The lockdown was brief. 

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