12-year-old Michigan girl accused of making 'kill list' with classmates' names on it

Kill list included names of fellow students at Everest Academy, police say


INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A 12-year-old girl is accused of creating a "kill list" of fellow students at Everest Academy in Independence Township. 

The incident is under investigation by the the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, which sent deputies to the school on Tuesday after a parent notified the school principal about the list. 

Here is a statement from the Sheriff's Office: 

A student’s parent came to the school to speak with the principal regarding a threat that another one of the students had made. The parent advised the principal that this student had produced a "Kill List" and his daughters name was on it. The parent stated that his daughter informed him of the list and said it was at least a month old. The parent wanted to make the school aware of the information and he has not made contact with the Sheriff’s Office. Everest Academy School Administrators called the Sheriff’s Office to file a report and to make the local authorities aware that they had a 12 year old student that had written down some names in a book that looked like a “Kill List." The parents and or guardians of the children who were on the list are being advised of the incident. The school principal stated that he had spoken to the child and she told them that the list was a joke and it was made a long time ago. School Administrators believe that the threat is not credible, but that administrators are following school policy by expelling the student permanently.  

Detectives spoke with school staff members who became involved with the complaint. Detectives responded to the suspect’s residence to speak with the child’s mother. The student’s mother stated she would not talk to the police nor would she let her child talk to the police until her husband was available and she did not know when that may be. She stated that she may be available tomorrow and that she and her husband would bring their child to the substation to speak with Detectives. According to the child’s mother, the child has no access to firearms, and will not be returning to the school. The incident remains under investigation and when complete will be presented to the Prosecutor's Office.

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