Family renews plea for clues on 16th anniversary of Detroit father's murder

Reginald Cook killed 16 years ago in Detroit

DETROIT – A family is renewing its plea for clues on the 16th anniversary of Reginald Cook's shooting death in Detroit.

Cook was driving at the intersection of Sorrento Street and Fenkell Avenue in 2002 when someone pulled up and started shooting, officials said.

Cook didn't survive the shooting, and since that moment, his family has never given up hope that the people who did it will be brought to justice.

The raw emotion has festered over more than a decade. Family members could hardly speak Wednesday.

“He didn’t deserve that," Gerilyn Cook-Duffey said. "He didn’t deserve it. Reggie been gone 16 years today and we still don’t know who killed my child."

Local 4 was at the scene of the shooting on May 16, 2002. Family members said at first, police received several tips, but his killer is still out there.

“We just would like to know what happened to Reggie," Cook-Duffey said. "It just been so long since Reggie been gone."

Now his family only has memories and some pictures to remember him by, but they’re confident they will get justice one day.

“We’re not going away," Cook-Duffey said. "We’re here forever, and if I’m not here somebody is going to be standing here. On my last breath, we are going to find out. On my last breath."

There is a $2,500 reward for any information on the case.

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