Provision in Michigan State settlement requires Nassar victims to pull support from certain bills

MSU reaches $500 million settlement with victims of Larry Nassar

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Provisions in Michigan State University's $500 million settlement with the victims of former sports doctor Larry Nassar require the women to pull their support from bills currently up for debate in Lansing that would change immunity for institutions such as MSU.

When the enormity of how Michigan State failed to handle claims against Nassar became public, the state Legislature was furious. There are bills that could cause problems for Michigan State and other government entities, so MSU asked the survivors to back off their support as part of the settlement.

The $500 million settlement will be split among 312 survivors, but requires that they pull support from two bills making their way through the state House because of the Nassar scandal. The bills seek to end governmental immunity for sexual abuse and waive minors from legal notice requirements.

"But from the standpoint of the Michigan House, we are going to do everything we need to do to (protect) Michigan children," Rep. Klint Kesto said.

The bills are up for discussion in Kesto's committee. He said the settlement is great news for the survivors, but they also made it clear they want change, so money isn't all that's important to them.

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