Allen Park High School students send disturbing and violent text threats

Texts contained racist, homophobic, violent language

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – A violent, racist and homophobic text message thread between students at Allen Park High School came to light, and parents aren't happy.

Michelle Ferrara, a mother to a student at Allen Park High School is very upset about the text messages. The text messages included slurs, what appear to be serious death threats and a discussion about killing people and hiding their bodies up north. 

"You can't say that and people shouldn't take that lightly at all," Ferrara said. "It startled me because it resembled my son's name and being one of the few children of color in the school, I was instantly scared."

One of the students involved in the group text is a 14-year-old freshman who is the son of Allen Park police Sgt. Wayne Albright, who regularly talks to students about school threats, social media and bullying.

"What I talk about all the time is being tolerant with one another, coming together and talk about a hypocrite, right? My own son had to do something foolish," Albright said. 

His son is now facing a suspension and some parents believe the texts are being swept under the rug because of Albright. He said that is not the case.

"Just because he's my son, doesn't mean he's above the law," Albright said. "The consequences are there. Just like any other kid and he's gotta own up to that."  

Albright hopes other parents will be encouraged to keep a close eye on their kids so something like this doesn't happen again.

"He didn't realize the consequences and he will suffer the consequences," Albright said, "And I will too."

Albright sent a statement to Local 4, printed below.

My wife and I are for obvious reasons very distraught & disappointed in the actions of our son. For those who know him, know that this does not reflect his character. Our son was not raised to hate or to use hurtful language. We have always tried to teach him to respect others and to be tolerant.  

My son is extremely remorseful for his actions and how it has affected our community, the school and those who know him. As a family, we are taking the appropriate actions to ensure that this type of language is NEVER used again. 

My hope is that other families take this as an opportunity to speak with their children about the affects of social media and how hurtful words can be. 

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