Man who went on 5-day drug binge found wearing bra, on his way to fill hotel bath with potatoes


In what can only be described as unusual, a man was arrested this week after officers found him wearing a women's bra, carrying a sack of potatoes to his hotel room.

The man, 30-year-old James Johnson of England, was caught as he was carrying the potatoes to his hotel in Eastleigh, England, according to the Daily Echo. 

Police found he was in the middle of a 5-day drug binge. An assortment of drugs were found in his room, including ecstasy, 5-MAPB, sort of like MDMA, and psychedelic substance 2CB. 

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When a judge asked Johnson why he had been filling his tub with potatoes, he said, "it felt like the right thing to do at the time”.

Johnson pled guilty to drug charges and was given an 18-month community order and will enter court-ordered drug rehab. 

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