Michigan toddler's leg severed by lawnmower

Toddler transported to Children's Hospital in Detroit

MEMPHIS, Mich. – A 2-year-old boy is hospitalized after he was run over by a lawnmower in Memphis, Mich.

Police said the toddler was riding on the lawnmower Friday with his grandfather near Pratt Road and M-19 when they hit a bump and he fell off.

The boy's foot and leg were severed. Neighbor Dave Medley called 911 and helped after the accident.

The child was transported to Children's Hospital in Detroit. Doctors are working to at least save his leg.

"It's not a good idea to have the kids on the lawnmower. I am sure that the (grandfather) has learned that and I know he is devastated from it, but maybe this is a learning tool for everyone. Some things you just kinda want to keep kids away from," said Memphis Police Chief Dan Kolke. 

The distraught grandfather was complaining of chest pains after the accident and was rushed to a hospital himself. 

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