3 new K-9 deputies sworn in at Macomb County Sheriff's Office

K-9s Enzo, Loki, Radar join police force in Macomb County

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – The Macomb County Sheriff's Department welcomed three new members of the force Monday: the K-9 kind.

K-9s Enzo, Loki and Radar are now officially on the job, and they're used more often than many people might think.

Macomb County Deputy Shawn Kramer has a new partner in Enzo, and they'll work together for the next 10 years. He applied to be one of Macomb County's next K-9 handlers because he loves watching what the dogs are capable of.

The three dogs are the newest additions to the Macomb County force, bringing their total number of K-9 units to five. Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said they used to have seven K-9 units, and they need that coverage again.

All the K-9s are trained in tracking, which happens on average two to there times every 24 hours. They search for suspects and people who need help.

"But they also pay for themselves when they help find a lost child or a senior that's out in the woods," Wickersham said.

Their training, whether it's for drugs, explosives or people, is all based on incentive, police said.

With the additions, it means a K-9 will always be on duty in Macomb County, officials said.

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