Divers find body of 24-year-old Pontiac man in Dawsons Millpond in Oakland County

Man drowns after jumping into water in Pontiac

PONTIAC, Mich. – A 24-year-old Pontiac man died after jumping into Dawsons Millpond, officials said.

The area along the dam isn't recommended for swimming because the current is swift, according to officials.

The dam is popular for fishing. Santos Flores said he brings his children to fish, but they don't go in the water.

"I tell them not to get too close to the water and be careful," Flores said.

On Monday afternoon, the 24-year-old man jumped into the water with his friend.

"The depth I heard was 12 feet," Waterford Regional Fire Department Chief John Lyman said. "I'm not sure if he wa at the 12 feet or in between."

The victim's friend noticed he hadn't come back up, and after several attempts to find him, he called for help, police said.

Emergency crews arrived and began searching for the man.

"The current is strong," Lyman said. "The undertow is strong, and even a strong swimmer can get caught in that."

"They jumped in to try to find him, and they found him after 20 minutes," witness Tamika Griffin said.

Crews rushed the man to a nearby hospital, but he was pronounced dead.

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