Abused dog discovered in Dearborn with more than 200 wounds

DEARBORN, Mich. – Rescuers think a helpless stray dog was used as bait for dogfighting. When the dog was brought to a veterinary hospital Tuesday, they found more than 200 puncture wounds on its body. 

Katie Johnson with Friends For Animals of Metro Detroit, said that’s just some of the struggle Emlyn had to endure over the last few days. 

"The doctor thinks it’s about 200 punctures covering her body. It looks like it happened over a period of time, where some of them are really fresh and some of them look older." Johnson said. "She’s actually developed bacterial infections in several different areas."

The animal center said incidents like this are happening more and more. 

"The doctor suspects that it might have been a dogfighting issue, where she was actually used as a bait dog," Johnson said. "Often times a sweet dog will be used for that to train a fighting dog."

Meanwhile, Emlyn is not a victim anymore. 

"She’s on a lot of pain medication to make her feel better, it was a very serious situation for her, but we’re hoping she’ll recover with some help," said Johnson. 

Police are now investigating this case, if you know anything, call the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit or Dearborn police. 

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