Serial burglar suspected in Novi, Northville after string of home invasions

NOVI, Mich. – Police believe there is a connection between home invasions that occurred in Novi and Northville.

On Argyle Street in Novi, there were home invasions that happened Wednesday and Thursday nights.

"It's something my wife and I have talked about," said Novi resident David Campbell. "We found out about it last night. Of course, we're concerned about it because you feel like you live in a nice neighborhood."

"Novi is supposed to be a safer city," said Novi resident Sree Sridhara. "If something happens here, we're all concerned, definitely."

Both incidents on Argyl Street did not have forced entry and the culprits made their way inside using entryways that were already unlocked or open, a door and a window. Money and personal items were taken from the homes.

"In this day and age, it doesn't make sense to me at all," Campbell said. "We always lock our doors, we always lock our windows. Our cars in our driveway are always locked. To me, it makes no sense to leave anything open."

The home invasions and burglaries in Novi are similar to those in Northville. 

Home surveillance videos show a man dressed in black, wearing gloves and a ski mask trying to enter homes. Novi police believe it's possible it's the same person and ask residents to review any security footage they may have.

"It's just an uneasy feeling when you think that two houses down, someone broke into a home," Campbell said.

The Northville Township Police Department requests that residents report all suspicious persons, vehicles, noises and circumstances immediately to the police department and recommends locking all doors and windows.

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