Detroit residents led to believe they could win a free home, but it's a scam

Many were misinformed on what event was really about

DETROIT – Hundreds gathered Wednesday morning for event in Downtown Detroit in hopes of winning a free home, but many were misinformed on what the event was really about.

The holiday event led people to believe they could win a free home but instead, they were lectured on a home care program. 

Hundreds of Detroit residents showed up for the event early in the morning, some even camping out overnight.

The website explains that the event is a petition drive rather than a free home giveaway, but the residents who showed up thought they were winning a new home. Once they found out what the event was really about, they were outraged and felt they were lied to.

This is not the first time an event misinformed the people who attended. It also happened in Highland  Park. The organizers stand by what they are doing and said that if people would have paid attention, they would've known.

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