Local 4's Larry Spruill 'crashes' 4th of July BBQs

Working on a holiday isn't so bad, huh?

DETROIT – It all started with a Facebook post.

Larry Spruill is the new guy here at Local 4 and in this business, a lot of the times it’s the new guy who works Fourth of July.

Since he was stuck at work, Larry put out a call on Facebook for anyone who wanted to save him a plate of BBQ food.

He said, “Hey guys, I’m trying to get a head start. I’m working on the 4th, anybody want to save a BBQ plate for me? Thanks in Advance.” 

Larry's Facebook post soon became an article on ClickOnDetroit.com. And the search was on.

The emails rolled in, with families sharing why Larry should attend their celebrations.

The first stop was a family reunion.

“I love family, I put family over everything. The man upstairs, and family, we’re going to be alright,” Denine Armstead said.

Armstead said the holiday is all about family and, of course, food. That’s why she placed two of her family members at the grill.

“It’s a big responsibility, all of these mouths I have to feed, so they're going to like it, because I’m cooking,” said the family grill master. 

The family reunion was a pretty good start, but Larry had to crash some more spots. The next stop was Eli Hydes and his wife's BBQ. 

“We always grill weird stuff: craw dads, oxtails, pig tails, weird stuff but that’s our tradition,” Hydes said. 

It’s not your normal Fourth of July menu, but his style of cooking works. 

“It’s about charcoal grilling. Propane is for the devil,” Hydes said.

He offered Larry grilled oxtails, and Larry said they were pretty good. 

Larry finished the day with some barbecued baby back ribs and all of the sides. He also gave them two thumbs up. 

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