Bones found at site of Southwest Detroit dog abuse arrest

Animals neglected inside boarded-up house

A Detroit home on Tarnow Street, where a man was arrested for animal abuse, was revealed to have been filled with animal bones.

ORIGINAL STORY: Dogs rescued from abandoned Detroit house after man caught dragging, beating dog with bike

The bones were moved outside, filling several garbage cans. 

A medical examiner has determined the bones to be animal bones, but are trying to figure out what kind of animals the bones belong to.

"We saw some rib cages and part of a skull that appeared to be from a dog," said Theresa Sumpter, of Detroit Pit Rescue.

Video shot by Animal Control agents shows a house filled with bones. Detroit police rescued six neglected dogs from the house June 29.

"It's very bizarre," Sumpter said. "Bizarre enough for an animal control officer, who is not a police officer, to say 'Hm, I better video tape this because there's something wrong here.'"

Detroit Police Department officers were called to the home after a witness reported seeing a man, who is accused of bringing the dogs to the house, abusing a German shepherd.

"First, he was dragged behind a bike until he was unconscious, then the person took the bike and started beating him with the bike," Sumpter said.

Police tore down plywood to get to the animals, many of which were malnourished, inside the boarded-up house. Inside the home, they found six more dogs and piles of bones.

Detroit Pit Rescue believes the bones are mostly from cattle, but are concerned some may be from dogs.

Detroit animal control is caring for the six rescued dogs and Detroit Pit Rescue is taking care of the German shepherd.

Sumpter said her worst fear is that the culprit will be able to get more dogs and abuse them.

The man who is accused of neglecting and abusing the animals was taken into custody but has since been released. He is expected to be charged soon.

Detroit police is investigating.