How to get a reimbursement from MoviePass after Friday night outage

Company had major issues Friday


Ticket subscription service MoviePass encountered a major problem Friday night where customers were unable to utilize the company's services, and now customers are able to acquire a full reimbursement for the inconvenience.

MoviePass allows you to purchase one movie ticket per day for a subscription fee per month, quarter or year. On its app, you check into a movie theater, choose the movie you want to see and the time the movie begins. 

On Friday, customers were not able to see a movie with MoviePass, forcing them to pay out-of-pocket. Now, MoviePass is offering to reimburse customers who had to pay out-of-pocket because of the company outage.

To acquire your reimbursement, you must send a message to the company through the MoviePass app. To do that, go to the "account" tab, go to the "help" header and select the "help" menu. Select "check-in & redemption issues" and then select a question. Hit "contact us" in the top right to open a chat.

MoviePass said on Twitter that customers should update their app before seeing their next movie, stating the company has "rolled out some important stability changes and peak pricing."