Women recorded 'obscene' Snapchat video while stroke patient was dying, Georgia police say

3 employees charged with exploiting an elderly and disabled person


JACKSON COUNTY, Ga. – Three women who worked at a Georgia senior living facility have been charged after allegedly recording a Snapchat video involving a dying stroke patient.

Jorden Lanah Bruce, 21; Mya Janai Moss, 21; and Lizeth Jocelyn Cervantes Ramirez, 19, were all charged with exploiting an elderly and disabled person, WSB-TV reports.

The clip, titled "The End," was recorded while the employees were supposed to be monitoring a 76-year-old patient who had a stroke at the Bentley Senior Living Facility in Jefferson, according to investigators.

“It was going to be an extensive time before the hospice nurse could be there, so these three employees were supposed to closely monitor the patient,” a spokesperson with the Jefferson Police Department told WSB-TV.

Investigators said the Snapchat video showed the women using a vape pen, using profanity and making obscene hand gestures at the camera, all the while ignoring the patient.

Another employee reported the women after seeing the video on social media, according to police. The women were arrested June 22.

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