Man arrested on suspicion of using a burner phone in delivery driver robberies in Detroit

DETROIT – Delivery drivers on Detroit's east side had a sigh of relief with the arrest of Anthony Maury, who police said was robbing and carjacking pizza delivery workers.

According to authorities, in one case Maury used a burner phone to order to a house on Duchess Street.

"The pizza delivery driver approached the door and a handgun pointed out the door at him," said Assistant U.S. Attorney James R. Drabick. "He dropped the pizza and ran to the car and drove away."

Then just a few minutes later, a few streets away, he spotted another delivery driver bringing a pizza to a family on Laing Street.

"That pizza delivery driver was on the porch delivering the pizza and he saw two individuals sprinting toward his car suspect ran to the car and jumped in," Drabick said, "The individual brandished a handgun from his pocket, causing the victim to retreat."

Investigators believed the culprit would throw away the burner phone, but they tracked it to a grocery store on Grattiott Avenue, where they found 19-year-old Maury and his mother in the car.

"Mr. Maury had a cellphone around his neck on a lanyard around his neck with a phone on it. The FBI agent dialed the number of the 231 burner phone and the phone around Mr. Maury's neck rang," Drabick said. "And Mr. Maury was taken into custody."