Police called to Detroit home with 10 children inside for 16th time this year

CPS tells family to find bigger home

DETROIT – Detroit police had been called to one home on the city's west side 15 times this year, and neighbors said the 10 children living inside are nothing but trouble.

Local 4 cameras were on Fenton Street when police made their 16th run at the house, where three sisters live with their 10 children.

Neighbors said the children run wild day and night, terrorizing the neighborhood. Residents are fed up and police officers are exasperated.

Security cameras captured many of the children screaming and yelling while running wild from their mothers, and shooting pellet guns at neighbors. Video also shows adults hitting the children.

The sisters admitted they're inside with two of their infants when the other children are outside unattended, police said.

Police are working with Child Protective Services to help the sisters care for the children. The women said their CPS case worker told them to find a bigger house that can fit all 10 children.

You can watch Shawn Ley's full story in the video posted above.

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