Historical groups in Farmington scramble to preserve 128-year-old barn

Developers hope for volunteers to pay to move barn

FARMINGTON, Mich. – Historical groups in Farmington are scrambling to preserve a 128-year-old barn on a lot where new developments are scheduled to open.

A sushi restaurant and condos will open on the property in the next few months, but the barn is still at the back of the lot.

Historical groups in the area asked the developer to save the barn, have it taken apart and put back together in another location.

The developer contracted a company to do the work. They took off part of the roof and then took off with the money, officials said.

"They don't know how much they can do without funding," said Kate Knight, of the Farmington Downtown Development Authority. "The developer has invested over $25,000 on the project so far, just on the barn."

They don't want to spend any more money saving the barn, so the project is on hold.

"Developers have their hands full and they're trying to stay on schedule with the entire development project," Knight said. "They've lingered for quite a while on the barn, just deliberating on how to handle it correctly."

The developer still wants to save the barn and is looking for some help to pay for it.

"We're hoping that there are some interested parties in volunteering to step in, maybe help them out," Knight said. "The clock is running."

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