Police find more than $63K stashed in ceiling tiles of former Michigan priest's home

Jonathan Wehrle already facing embezzlement charges


OKEMOS, Mich. – Police found more than $63,000 stuffed in the ceiling tiles of a former Michigan priest's basement.

Jonathan Wehrle was a priest at St. Martha's in Okemos. He was already facing six counts of embezzlement over $100,000 when police served a warrant Tuesday and found bundles of cash in his home.

The cash was in $2,000 bundles that had St. Martha's Parish and School labels.

Michigan State Police had already confiscated more than $1 million from Wehrle because it allegedly belonged to his former church.

MSP served the recent warrant, the second at Wehrle's home, based on information they received from Lansing police working a different case.

Wehrle's 6,000-square-foot home is in receivership. MSP estimates the property is worth more than $5 million.

While Wehrle is in and out of court, there was a charity soliciting donations to help with his legal bills, but the organization collecting funds was shut down Thursday by Attorney General Bill Scheutte for alleged deceptive fundraising practices, diverting funds to the people operating it, and a lack of governence. 

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