Scammers posing as deputies target senior citizens in Lapeer County telephone scam

Callers claim family members need to be bonded out of jail

Scam callers are targeting senior citizens in Lapeer County. (WDIV)
Scam callers are targeting senior citizens in Lapeer County. (WDIV)

LAPEER COUNTY, Mich. – Scammers posing as deputies and command officers are targeting senior citizens in a telephone scam, according to the Lapeer County Sheriff's Office.

Multiple citizens have reported being victims of the scam, officials said.

Victims received a phone call from someone claiming to be specific Lapeer County Sheriff's Office deputies and command officers. The callers used caller IDs that match actual Lapeer County Sheriff's Office phone numbers.

The callers requested the victims make a payment through a Green Dot MoneyPak card or prepaid debit card to get a family member out of jail, officials said.

The Lapeer County Sheriff's Office said no law enforcement agency ever accepts this type of payment for a person in their custody.

Callers targeted senior citizens by saying their children or grandchildren were in jail and requested their help to be bonded out.

Here is a statement from deputies:

"Please spread the word and talk to your families about this to remind them that no law enforcement or police department conducts business through this manner and to never send any money to anyone unless they do it in person at a courthouse and or law enforcement building and get a proper receipt handed to them, once again, in person at an established building that they physically go to."

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