Victim's family speaks during fatal Detroit stabbing sentencing


DETROIT – A man was sentenced Thursday to 10 to 22 years imprisonment for his role in a 2016 Detroit homicide.

An emotional day in court as Obi Moore's family told Jason Boyce exactly what he took him from them that day. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Businessman found stabbed in warehouse with illegal grow operation inside, Detroit police say

Boyce walked into court for his sentencing after being convicted of killing Moore. A jury found Boyce guilty of stabbing and killing Moore inside the marijuana grow business they owned together.

In the courtroom, Moore's widow and two daughters, addressed the court.

"There are no words to describe the pain," Moore's daughter Megan said, before breaking into tears. "No amount of tears and prayers will bring him back. What's been taken can never be replaced."

Boyce stood in the courtroom with his back to Moore's family as they read their emotional impact statements.

"I lost the feeling of being safe and protected because the man who stood by my side my whole life has been taken by the selfish and heartless acts of Jason Boyce," Megan Moore said.

Boyce and Moore were business partners, a jury found Boyce became upset with money distribution at the grow operation. An argument ended with Boyce stabbing Moore in the neck, leaving him to die in the business. 

"I'm hopeful seeing Jason Boyce sentenced to prison for the maximum possible number of years years will take away some of my pain and anger," Megan Moore said.

After listening to the family's statement Boyce turned and spoke directly to Moore's family 

"I'm sorry all this happened. I don't know why it happened," Boyce said. "Everything got out of control and it just happened."

The apology did little to sway the judge on Boyce's sentencing.