VIDEO: Detroit Mercantile Co. owner spits on Eastern Market security guard over parking

Robert Stanzler issues apology

DETROIT – A video shows one of the co-founders of Made In Detroit spitting on a man. 

Robert Stanzler is shown spitting and using his middle finger during an altercation with a security guard who was enforcing parking. Detroit police said this happened Tuesday in Eastern Market. Ibrahim Mission was working security in Eastern Market for The Eastern. Stanzler, who owns the Detroit Mercantile Co., was upset over parking. There was a large event going on and people allegedly were parking their vehicles in his lot. 

Mission told Stanzler to discuss his complaints with the building owner. Stanzler flipped him off and spit on him. He was arrested. 

Stanzler issued this statement: 

"I want to express my deepest apology to Mr. Ibrahim Mission, for the incident that occurred on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 during the course of an argument I had with him over parking spaces at my place of business in Eastern Market. I take full responsibility for my actions, and want to convey regret for my gross and despicable behavior during the course of my argument with Mr. Mission. 

My anger over a growing conflict pertaining to parking spaces between a neighboring business, got the best of me. I attempted to address the matter with Mr. Mission, but things quickly escalated and I lashed out.  My behavior was unconscionable, offensive and disrespectful. Not only did I offend Mr. Mission by my actions, but I owe an apology to those who witnessed the incident, my staff, fellow business owners in Eastern Market, residents of Detroit; and friends and family who may bare this burden with me. 

After the incident I attempted to apologize, however due to the heated circumstances, my apology was not properly conveyed. 

Moving forward, I plan to speak to Mr. Mission directly to again convey my sincere apology. This unfortunate incident originates with the escalating parking challenged within district."

As for Mission, The Eastern owners Scott Rutterbush, Rakesh  Lala and David Brown issued a statement saying Mission was demeaned by Stanzler. They say Stanzler initiated the altercation. 

"The situation initiated by Mr. Robert Stanzler was unfortunate, disappointing and insulting on every level. His behavior represents what we as a community, city and society should work to abandon, not embrace. Our concern now is for our employee, Ibrahim Mission who was demeaned by Mr. Stanzler, and our guests who were subjected to this behavior. We won’t tolerate or condone this type of behavior."

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